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The Expander II

The Expander II is a small, handheld device that will store up to 512K of programs, games, and other files for your TI Calculator for under $50.00!


  • 512K capacity

    The Expander II will hold up to 512K of games, programs, and other files from your TI Calculator.

  • Compatible with the 85, 86, & 92

    Right now, the Expander II works with the 85, 86, and 92. Later, when someone rewrites the software for the 82 and 83, the Expander II will be compatible with those calculators too.

  • Portable

The Expander II is small and light weight. It can easily fit into your pocket or school bag, to be taken everywhere you go!

  • Modular Port

The Expander II has a modular port that will allow people future TI hardware inventions to be easily plugged into the Expander II, extending the potential of your calculator. Such hardware devices may include, Temperature sensors, sound, IR Link, LED Flashers, etc



Ordering Information

We are selling the Expander IIs for just under $50.00. The final price has not been set yet. Please e-mail us at if you are interested in buying an Expander II. We will have more information on the Expander II and our service to you on this page in the near future.

Note:  Due to how busy we have been we are not currently shipping any expanders.  We hope to start shipping soon!



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